Unmatched language mastery for hotels

Take advantage of improving foreign language communication of your employees and increase higher client retention

Foreign language lessons for hotels

Does your hotel have an international clientele and limited foreign language proficiency?

Let's embark on a journey of language mastery

With our special crafted lessons, you can be sure that within 3 months your employees will increase their level of communication and become better at retaining your international clients

Your advantage

Higher client retention means your clients become advocates, recommending this hotel to friends and family and becoming loyal to your brand.

Why you should consider a language course for your staff

3 reasons why it might be a good bet thinking about it now

Low fluctuation rate

If your staff remain loyal and don't change much, it's a good reason to consider training.

Growing international clientele

Your location is touristy and you have frequently people coming from other countries

Qualified staff

You are happy with your current staff and are considering a promotion to increase their responsibilities.

The process

Streamlined Integration Process for Hotel Language Programs

Our integration process ensures a seamless and tailored experience for hotels looking to implement language courses. From understanding your needs to delivering exceptional online lessons, we guide you through a straightforward and effective process.

Needs Assessment and Customization

Our initial step involves comprehensive discussions to understand your hotel’s specific requirements. We assess factors such as guest demographics, preferred languages, course duration, and the level of customization needed. This stage ensures that the language program aligns perfectly with your hotel’s brand and guest expectations.

Onboarding and Setup

Once we’ve identified your needs, our dedicated team facilitates a smooth onboarding process. We guide your staff through the setup, providing necessary resources and support to integrate the language program seamlessly into your hotel’s services. This phase ensures that the transition is effortless and minimizes any disruptions to your operations.

Tailored Online Lessons and Ongoing Support

With everything in place, our expert instructors deliver engaging and personalized online language lessons. These sessions are designed to cater specifically to your guests, offering flexibility in scheduling and accommodating varying proficiency levels. Throughout the course duration, our team remains available for ongoing support, ensuring a continuously exceptional learning experience for your staff.

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hotels worldwide annually

Faster onboarding

More recommendations

More client satisfaction


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Make your employees certified professionals

With our long-term lessons your hotel staff become certified professionals being able to communicate even in seasonal times with most sophisticated international clientele, let’s have a chat how we can help improve communication of your hotel staff in no time!